The Prison

The Prison Ministry

The incarcerated may be “doing the time for their crime” as the popular saying goes however doesn’t erase the love of God for them; it is in this light that CFCC has been called to this ministry to reach out to our men and women alike.


Inmates are one category of people that are largely ignored by the Christian community. With an alarming increase of crime and disorder in the society, the Church must step out beyond its comfort zone and offer not only hope through the gospel, but practical assistance. It is our prayer that inmates discover that there is a way, a truth and a life through Christ who is able to transform the Chiefest of sinners from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His beloved son.


We believe that locked behind their addictions, violence, crime etc are good virtues and valuable treasures waiting to be birthed. We as a ministry through the help of God want to wake up the sleeping giants and rescue the hidden deposit of greatness God has placed in them.


Our Purpose

  • To enlighten them of the grace and mercy of God
  • To encourage them by empowering them into a better way of life through positive mentorship.