Hospitality and Welfare


The CFCC Hospitality and Welfare was formed to cater to the hospitality and welfare requirements of our Senior Pastor, leaders, members, guest ministers, and attendees during regular weekly services. We also work in close partnership with various teams across the Church in facilitating CFCC events and special programmes, which run throughout the course of the year.


We operate as a threefold ministry; working together to accomplish specific goals as outlined by our leaders.

Protocol: Providing an excellent standard of care at all times to our members.

Hospitality: Providing, preparing and serving refreshments during services and assisting in the delivery of CFCC special events and hospitality within the Church.

Welfare: Member care (visitation/support)

Goals and Objectives: Our primary objective is to create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment where members and visitors can enjoy fellowshipping together at CFCC services and events.